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The Activities (Programs)
  • Ministry to the Family –
    * Annual family conferences, retreats and seminars. o
    * Family care and counselling center. o
    * Family prayer group meetings in homes and churches.
  • Ministry to Women – To help and and encourage women in the Lord’s work.
  • Ministry to Youth and Children – Promoting the fear of the Lord at an early age.
  • Ministry of Healing and Deliverance – Bringing freedom to serve God without fear.
  • Ministry through Literatu re –
    * Mariyam Magdalin , a Hindi magazine for women.
    * In the pipeline: Pariwar Darpan , a magazine for families.
  • Ministry of Intercession – Nehemiah Prayer Fellowship : To pray for families, pastors, our country India, and for world evangelization.
  • Ministry of Outreach – Sharing the gospel with unsaved people, accompanied by signs and wonders.
  • Ministry of Preaching and Teaching – In conferences, seminars, workshops and evangelistic meetings.
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