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The Beginnings
Some time back, Maxwell, met a young man, who seemed very depressed. On talking with him, it turned out that he had been a member of satan's church. On questioning, the young man revealed that satan worshipers were praying and fasting for satan to destroy Christian homes (Families) and break husband and wife relationship relationships, word of God, says "I hate divorce" (Malachi 2:16).

The family is the smallest unit of the Church, and helps to fulfill God's will and plan on earth. The Christian home can be a reflection of heaven and a living sermon. It can be a haven for lonely people. In times of persecution, it has provided a base for the local Church to continue and fulfill its calling. In a Christian home we learn how to love and respect one other. Strong Christian homes contribute to the making of a strong Church that can stop the works of the devil. The devil knows these truths and that is why he is standing against Christian families.

The Lord planted this burden in our hearts concerning Christian homes and we (my wife Snehlata and myself) stepped out in faith and resigned from Union of Evangelical Students of India (UESI) in order to run with this vision. And God has been faithful, helping and guiding us step by step. God is witness that many families have been blessed & encouraged through Pariwar Rachna Ministry.
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